Thursday, March 05, 2015

Fair Play: Another great move by CCSC

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's March 5 edition)
SOMEDAY I’m going to run out of praises for the Cebu City Sports Commission. But not today, not now. Not while the group keeps on putting the “roots” in grassroots.

Consider the latest pet project of CCSC--a grassroots running program in the mountain barangays of Cebu City, a program inspired by a chance encounter CCSC chairman had with a Kenyan during a trip abroad.

Why put it up in the mountain barangays? Well, why not?

Fair Play: Perverts have no place in sports

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's March 4 edition)
FOR the second time this week, another coach landed in the news but not in the sports pages, accused of doing something that we can all live without.

Days after a basketball coach was slapped with child abuse charges for insulting a kid, a baseball coach was accused of molesting an 11-year-old.

Worse, this incident allegedly happened in the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association, which just ended in Balamban.

The incident is fresh, so whether it's true or not is for the police to find out. But this is alarming as it happened in a Department of Education meet, when supervision of kids is crucial.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Fair Play: Tax break for Pacman? Are you nuts!

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's March 2 edition)
MANNY Pacquiao is entitled to a P3.5-billion take from the purse alone from his mega fight with Floyd Mayweather. After taxes of course, his trainers will get a cut from his payout, but aside from the purse, he’s entitled to his share of the US pay-per-view income, which is projected to break the record, and, from his previous deal with Bob Arum, he also has a cut in the pay-per-view income in the Philippines.

All-in-all, because of the Mayweather fight, he’d be a billionaire multiple times over.

Now tell me, do you think Manny Pacquiao deserves a tax exemption? Does he, let me unroll my eyes, deserve a tax break to inspire him in his training?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fair Play: Coaches who handle kids should be careful

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 28 edition)
ONE of the culture shocks I experienced when I first covered the sports scene in Cebu was the conduct of coaches toward their wards.
Having grown up in a sports environment down in Mindanao, where the coaches were your friends, teachers or an older neighborhood kid, insults were rarely heard on the field. What were prevalent were taunts kids threw against other kids.

But when I got here, it seemed, insults were the norm and if you’re not used to it you’d be surprised, or shocked, by some of the words used in age group sports.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fair Play: Friends, wine and stories in PAL media golf

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 26 edition)
I MISSED the first few days of the PAL Interclub coverage due to the Thirsty Cup and other responsibilities, but I made sure to attend the awarding ceremony of the media tournament last Tuesday night at Lantaw SRP.

This particular media awarding was unique as it’s the first time that the Manila writers, who usually dominate the tournament, are not in the top three. Nimrod QuiƱones won the event, and a cool round trip business class ticket to the US (for the May 2 fight?), while Rey Fortaleza of Canada and Imee Garcia of Sun.Star Davao got the second and third places, respectively.

Fair Play: Yes Peping, the president should resign

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb 25 edition)
NOPE, this is not a political piece, this is, after all the sports section. But somebody forgot to tell that to Peping Cojuangco, one of the most hated sports figures in sports recently.

After all, he's the Philippine Olympic Committee chairman whose standard of sending sure medalists to international competitions has seen the Philippines to a new low finish.

And what has our dear ol' president been up to lately? Well, he's busy dabbling in his real expertise, pulling strings to get rid of his nephew in MalacaƱang.

Fair Play: A worrying trend in Cebu football

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 23 edition)
THOUGH organizers this year have limited the number of entries, the 12th edition of the Thirsty Cup is still Cebu’s biggest football festival, attracting close to 200 teams.

This year’s tournament also attracted a strong contingent of teams outside Cebu, and it’s great that new players come in and test the local opposition, to see how we fare against them.

So far, we are doing well and Ray Calo of Don Bosco proudly told me that two Don Bosco teams defeated Loyola Meralco Sparks in two age group finals.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fair Play: Import rips Emperor Manny's PBA clothes

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 21 edition)
THERE’s a running joke in Philippine basketball, and no one--at least in his inner circle--it seems has the courage to call a spade a spade.

Sounds familiar? If not, go ask your kid. Remember the story of how the emperor’s new clothes turned out to be literally nothing? And no one was brave enough to say it for fear of losing their jobs?

Well, that could be the case here. And no one in the PBA--publicly at least--is willing to say that Manny Pacquiao’s new basketball clothes are merely figments of the wearer’s imagination and his level of skill depends on who is asked.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fair Play: Who should be in the CFA board?

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 19 edition)
A FEW weeks ago, Engr. Nilo Ferraren asked me if there was any news of the coming Cebu Football Association elections. I had none so I told the engineer a regular patron of football tournaments up north, that.

He was disappointed, and he pointed out that the planned general assembly to be called last year was postponed. I asked CFA gen-sec designate Atty. Julius Caesare Entise of some updates and he said, the general assembly will come first before the elections as there are some changes in the statutes.

Fair Play: Cebu taekwondo hits another milestone

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 16 issue)
I HOPE someone from other sports will take a good look at the taekwondo program of Cebu and copy all the good things that they are doing.

Why? Take a look at what’s been happening. After producing world champions in the past few years, Cebu City’s taekwondo team have sent eight Cebuanos to the national team after the latest national championships.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fair Play: Let's spread the love, through the Palaro

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 14 issue)
WHEN they launched this year’s venue for the Palarong Pambansa, organizers had to quickly assure that safety of the participants, something that wasn’t done in previous meets.

Why? Because this year’s host of the Palarong Pambansa–the Philippines’ biggest gathering of student athletes–is Tagum, Davao del Norte.

And let’s face the truth. In the minds of many, especially those who haven’t been to Mindanao, there’s only one image of Mindanao, especially in these trying times.